Windy Premium recently updated?

  • I've just noticed some small design changes while using Windy but something that catch my eye was this 'Previous update' marker in the detail section.


    Does this mean Windy is now showing the 6 hour intervals for ECMWF forecast for premium users?

  • Administrator

    Wait for surprise...coming soon

  • @ivo Love your work :)

  • Meteorologist

    Yes, this is great ! Very nice to get this option

    One remark : bear in mind that the 2 new run Windy will add for the Premium users only, so 6z and 18z, are less accurate than the 2 others, 00z and 12z. Indeed, 6z and 18z can only cover a bit less than 4 days when 00z and 12z can cover 10 days. This is why you saw this new function « previous updates » telling you that you are on a run using 4 days forecast so the data starting from the fifth day can only come from a previous run, either 0z or 12z

  • @Yves70 Good to know. It also might be good to have the "Updated: 4h ago" split into to categories, one for 00z-12z and the other one for 6z-18z.

    Looking at my attach image, it seems that the "less accurate 6z-18z" times will always be forecasting the 4 days ahead and the "accurate 00z-12z" will be forecasting behind them?

    Maybe the Windy team will have button to "compare" the different run times?

  • Meteorologist

    This is because it is still under test, so not yet fully implemented and also because you use the desktop version. This version shows indeed 6z and 18z for the ime being (except after 4 days when they show the data from either 00z or 12z) while it is still 00z and 12z on the other devices.

    You can always follow the details of the updates and the run by checking the info button related to the model, so here ECMWF. Then you can see the details, when the last update happened and when the next one will be

  • @Yves70 Hopefully the UI design in the detail section (shown in my screenshot) would make it clear which forecast run time is currently happening.

    Something like this screenshot below would be helpful.

    I'd love to be a part of the testers. Windy is my life :)


  • Meteorologist

    When the 4 run will be available, it will be easy to know in what run you are : 6z = 6.00AM UTC, 18z= 6.00PM UTC. If you check the data for instance at 8.00AM UTC, you know that you are in the 6z run. If you check at 2.00PM, you know that you are in the 12z run.

    For the 0z and 12z, they should not indicate after 4 days, « previous updates », because those run can display data up to 10 days so it should only be visible when you are in the 6z or 18z run

  • @Yves70 kiedy będzie zmiana w aplikacji aktualizacji modelu ? Narazie widzę że co 6 godzin jest na stronie a nie w aplikacji.

  • Meteorologist

    It is effective now on desktop but not yet on mobile versions, iOS and Android

  • @Yves70 kiedy będzie w wersji mobilnej ?

  • Administrator

    Mobile versions coming soon

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