Smooth animation (isobar/pressure + precipitation/clouds)

  • Wanted to suggest an improvement (apologise if this might have been already raised, have not read all forum requests)
    By the way the new planning tool is fantastic!

    So, the suggestion is to enable a smooth animation of isobar/pressure lines and precipitation/clouds and maybe also temperature, similar to what done by some weather newscast as shown at the below links:

    That would be a very nice improvement in the depiction of weather dynamics (for past and future/forecast).
    I do realise it may be complicated to do this on the web page (not familiar with the rendering and the technology you use (is it WebGL) but here we would need an animation at probably 25/30 fps of several different objects). Also I guess this would require interpolation that may not be trivial (but maybe not), so if you have at T0 a certain pressure contour and at T1 a different one, an algorithm should create a series of interpolated contours with shapes depending on initial and final conditions as well as number of intervals, and that should result in a 30 fps "animated contour".
    Perhaps one way to do this if unable to render directly on the webpage on demand, would be to have it for specific areas pre-rendered (e.g. Europe, NAM, South East Asia and so on, maybe with more granular regions such as South Europe, North Europe, US West, etc, and maybe also a 3D hemispheric). In any case this type of animation would be very useful at synoptic scale not at mesoscale (maybe for clouds/precip yes however).

    But that would be fantastic and also I am sure would attract younger people to meteorology. Sometimes I stare for 10-15 minutes at the end of the day at videos such as this and still fascinated:

    P.S. I am sure that if you develop this, it could be licensed to use in news weather forecast on TV channels so a business opportunity to further fund Windy for commercial use.


  • Sailor Moderator

    For satellite views the smooth animation is already available on Windy !

  • That's really fantastic. If the same could be done for pressure and clouds/precip also for forecast, it would be even more...

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