Adding new weather models for premium users?

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    I had a thought of maybe adding more regional weather models for different countries for premium users?

  • Hello @Liam-pankhurst, we are not working on such a premium feature now. However, thank you for your suggestion, we will consider it in the future.

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    Well being honest it is very hard to find ANY model, not only regional, that has better quality, than ECMWF.

    We hear from our users, that they stop using their national, super high resolution models, and switch to Windy.

    We have plenty of regional models like AROME, ICON-EU, NEMS, NAM and being honest, I would personally never did my life-related decisions upon them, without ECMWF.

  • Meteorologist | Premium

    I agree with you, IFS from ECMWF is probably the best model to predict all changes in the atmosphere at synoptic level. I will never prepare a forecast without checking it.
    Having said that, there is still a weakness : convection, convective cells and thunderstorms in general. This is where a model like Arome is important to have with Windy because Arome has a certain superiority to predict such a event.

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    @ivo jakie funkcje premium będą wprowadzane w przyszłości ? Sa jakieś konkretne plany co do funkcji i przybliżony czas wdrożenia ?

  • Administrator

    @przemo1986 Hello, we plan to add more features, once they are ready, we will announce them.

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