Windy information not accurate for 5 days ago.

  • | Premium

    Please Check windy app again

    It is not accurate for about 5days, it say raining but not at all. So please provide information correctly.

  • Sailor Moderator

    Windy does not make weather forecasts, but just visualize weather models from the ECMWF, NOAA....
    If you observe and report a wrong rain prediction in your location, there is no reason to « check Windy app again ». Weather models are not 100% accurate and you must consider that a forecast of rain is giving a probability of precipitation and not a certainty, particularly when they are convective rains (thunderstorms...)
    So please don’t report the observed differences with forecasts and try to find which is the best model for your location.

  • Meteorologist | Premium

    Do not forget to use the compare tool available with the meteogram. This will allow you to compare the forecast, including rainfall, from the different models. It happens very often that one model doesn’t foresee any rainfall when the others do or vice versa.

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