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    Hi, since the latest update received today on Android (26.1.4) Windy is consistently getting my location wrong after a while and appears to be defaulting to a London Borough. Going into the app and finding location resets it correctly, but after a short while it resets to the London Borough. I have never had an issue before and nothing else has changed, except updating the app. This happened immediately after update.

    It appears after the update there is only the option to allow location while using the app, and not all the time? Is it missing the flag in the manifest:


  • Hi @JasonKz, thank you for reporting this, we will investigate it.
    In Settings, you have Starstup location set to 'Use GPS?

  • This post is deleted!
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    Hi, yes it is. It appears to be defaulting to the London Borough of Bexley. It is periodically happening when on WiFi, but also when away from home with no WiFi. As said, GPS location is set. Thanks.

  • @JasonKz, thank you for your report, our developers are looking into it.

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