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    I'm new to Windy but already loves it and especially route planning. I thought I had cracked the thing with the setting of wind bars direction (north up, etc) which is great. However when testing I noticed one strange thing I can not understand.
    I get how the direction arrows swaps up to WP 5, but after that why is it not indicated that I will take the wind almost head on from portside, like my painted arrow?

    Screen Shot 09-10-20 at 09.25 AM_LI.jpg

    Thanks for a truly great app!

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    For a boat trip it is easier to understand and to use the route planner with the wind direction reference set to North up.
    For the other settings (Left to right and Bottom to top) you may refer to this post:
    However with your example, it seems that the wind direction is not correct due to short distance/short time lapse between waypoints. This Route planner has been designed mainly for planes, so for high speeds. At 6kt speed the time lapse between each wind value is about 1 hour. So if you are tacking or changing your heading every 15 minutes you cannot get the right wind information. Reason why you have got only one wind value between your waypoints 5 to 11 !
    Try it with a longer route, or with the same route but with wind direction reference set to North up.
    Frankly I do not see the interest to set this reference to Left to right for a boat trip.

  • Thanks @idefix37 , that explains it!

    In the Stockholm archipelago you really do not have the possibility to choose long legs, there are thousands of islands and many times more shallows and rocks. So you plan your route according to where it is possible to sail. If I then use Windy with setting left to right I will know if I need to tack or not. Which you for many reasons want to avoid and thus try to replan you route.

    As I understand it north up does not give me that information, or? Bottom to top will but I think it is more intuitive to think of my complete route as a line left to right and I will see the relative wind on all legs.

  • Sailor Moderator

    @mange991 said in Question on route planning:

    If I then use Windy with setting left to right I will know if I need to tack or not

    Yes that’s possible with the Route planner, but for me it’s easier for this purpose to set Bottom to top:


    And you can do it only if the legs are longer than 1 hour. So in Swedish inshore waters, it is difficult to use this advantage and it better to set North up because in this case the wind direction shown by the Route planner is independent of the boat course.

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