How to avoid Unauthorized domain - windy maps

  • I have the domain filled in the administration portal but still the same problem.

    c78c5208-0e88-4ba0-9ad9-46069a07a318-image.png 6ff24ae8-1aea-4226-aac0-b7d40a67d18e-image.png

    The domain is http://fkritsrvwtv0006:8086/ and this is filled in authorized domain. I dont understand why is happened, this is an internal domain (not public in internet) . I don´t know if this is the problem, but with localhost:3000 that is our development environment it works.

    ¿Could you help me please?

    Thank you very much.

  • Administrator

    The domain is checked with the following:

        .map(a => new RegExp(a.trim().toLowerCase()))
        .filter(a => a.test(running_domain_where_api_lives));
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