• Would like to say Hello, love the app and visual UX experience enough to warrant registering and making a post to help support.

    As we are here in California with more apocalypse than ever seen in our lifetime and whilst we turn to you and purpleair.com to protect our families in our smoke filled homes, I must ask your team as growing force in the community to provide useful data re the PM2.5 range.

    While your measurement says 35 ug/m3 it's really 170 ug/m3 and 140 in our old homes. These are pulmonary failure levels. I understand Purpleair uses sensors. Could you partner with them? Why isn't your PM data accurate or useful? Honestly, you may as well remove it since peoples Health is on the line. The reality is i started to question the integrity of your data b/c you offer features that predict days ahead and if the difference between today's model and the reality of PM2.5 are so far off it makes me question the accuracy of you wind model too. I take it, that's how the pm models are estimated?

    This is meant to be constructive criticism. I appreciate the efforts you guys are striving for but it needs to be better for times we really need it, like the pandemic inferno life we live now and in all our future if we can't get this environment depletion under control, asap.SF_1018Sep11_PurpleAir.JPGSF_1018Sep11_windy.JPG

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    @mr-00 Hello, we already have AQ stations implemented as a POI layer and you can find them in the right bottom menu of your screen. Those sensors monitor the real-time situation of a certain location. And after checking San Francisco, the reported values correspond with the high levels you mentioned.

    Furthermore, PM2.5 layer, as described in the layer description, is based on CAMS data provided by Copernicus and due to the horizontal resolution of the CAMS systems, it is not possible to represent local effects due to the immediate vicinity of the source such as wildfires.

    I would recommend to use AQ stations and PM2.5 layer together to get the best picture.

    Screenshot 2020-09-11 at 19.53.29.png

    Screenshot 2020-09-11 at 19.55.09.png

  • Thanks for the reply! Was a bit difficult for me to find these under "More Layers" but i did manage to find it. Not a lot of air quality meters in our area, unfortunately. I am confused that when dropping a way point next to the meter the resolution would increase but I guess they aren't interconnected? As a a user I'd argue it should be, at a minimum. That said its a suggestion and id imagine, a large effort.

    I do like that we can also display active fires, but again a far cry from whats displayed here: https://www.fire.ca.gov/incidents/ Again as a user what would it take to connect with the data coming from key data providers to get higher resolution?

    In the end i'd venture as far to say users would like reliable data all in one place. Thanks again for the efforts you guys make, keep up the good efforts!

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