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    Why does the widget not follow my location. It keeps showing me locations miles away from me, unless I go into settings and update it myself. Very annoying after I just paid $20 for annual premium!!

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    Its from where your internet provider is from usually.

  • 俺もだ!何とかしてもらわないと。

  • Hello @cttommasi73, thank you for supporting us by subscribing to Windy Premium! @jimi-dog, we are aware of this bug and working on it.

  • @cttommasi73, today we’ve released a new version of the application (26.1.6) which solves the widget issue.

    Let me know in case the issue still persists.

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    I'm running version 26.1.8. Since update to Android 10 the widget doesn't update my current location correctly.
    I'm living in Germany, some mornings it shows London (?!) weather data.

    The update only works, if i trigger it manually from widget settings.

    I realized when configuring gps access for windy app, I only see two options: "deny" or "when app is in use".
    Maybe this affects updating of the current location. For other apps I can also select access to gps pos anytime.
    It seems like windy doesn't request this option.

  • Hello @complecz, thank you for your feedback and additional information. We are currently looking into this issue.

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    Hello @petra-pik ,
    I'm running version 26.1.10 but it's still not working properly.
    However the behaviour has changed:
    Instead of showing the wrong location in the morning, now an error message like "location could not be detected" shows in the widget. Even if the location in the evening before was absolutely correct and the phone wasn't touched all night. Entering settings and hitting the update button fixes this issue for the next few hours.

    Android still doesn't offer the option to grant windy location access any time.

    This was working for so long just perfect and now the widget produces so many problems ?!

  • Hello @complecz, thank you for the additional information. We are working on it.

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    Hello @petra-pik ,
    I just received the latest udpdate to version 27.1.2 and it just got worse.

    The widget lost the location after just some hours in the middle of the day.
    The new position was detected as Zürich, which is about 300km away from my actual location...

    Fix like always, is a manual location update in the widget. At least for the next few hours.
    Can it be so hard to read out a reliable location from gps-provider?!

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    @complecz Hello, thank you for your reports.

    With the manual refresh, do you mean that you only tap on the refresh icon or you also open the app itself?

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    Hello @Korina

    1. click on the settings-gear in the lower right corner of the widget
    2. click on "update widget"

    this updates the location correclty. all within an second. it just doesn't last very long. seems like the widget grabs a wrong position every time it tries to update by itself...

  • Same issue here.

    Latest public app version on S9 with updated Android.
    After few refresh autocycles radar widget picks up location by IP although in settings on app and web it's set to do so by GPS.
    If I tap refresh it will update radar graphics but not location in 98% of the time.
    Sometimes taping on refresh will change location from actual GPS to random IP 250km away.

    However, if I tap on the gear and choose "Update Widget" it never fails on GPS location.

    Hope this helps and thanks for a great app and service.

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    @MilkoOk is making a good point here! I'm using a VPN client that terminates in Zürich! So if the widget takes the IP-address instead of GPS-location as position-source, this explains all the problems.

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    @MilkoOk Hello, I have few questions.
    What do you mean by "tapping on gear"? Is it different option than tapping on "Update widget"?
    Furthermore, how do you know, the widget picks up the location by IP address?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Korina Hi there.

    Upper right corner has "refresh arrows" button and lower right has "settings gear". That's the one you need to tap to be able to access "Update Widget" button.

    I'm not using VPN and I travel quite a bit.
    My cellphone provider uses dynamic IP assigned addresses so one day it will show me 600km away, next 100km and next 200km.
    That's why I have it set in app and browser to use GPS only, and on auto refresh or tapped refresh it doesn't for whatever reason.


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    Now it put me to london, vpn is connected to Switzerland.
    I dont think its ip address related

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    @MilkoOk @complecz Hello, thank you for the details. I will report this to our development team and we will try to look into it.

  • @korina Disappointing to see yet another app update without addressing location permissions on Android.

    By now, there were multiple posts pointing out the inability to give permission to the app to have access to location not only "when using the app" but "all the time" which seems to be the root of a problem for people that have chosen to use GPS as startup location on their widgets.

    In any case, Happy New Year :)

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