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    Good evening....here your app is good. But I can't understand when the rain time is I know...
    I can't plan my trip.... Confusion is there....
    If pressure and wind gust and rain cloud icon is there.... But no rain in outside....how can I collect rain information... Sir please help me...

  • Hi @samratbala-2009, you can view this information when you tap on a location of your choice and the detailed forecast will show up. Another option is to open the layer 'Rain, thunder', the time of the event will be indicated by timeline at the bottom of the screen.

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    Do not forget to compare the different models as it happens that one model forecasts rain and not the others.

    It is also important to check with the rain map if rainfall is forecasted in the area around your location. Sometime, the model foresees no rain at your location but 5mm at 10km from your location. If it happens, risk is high to get rain at your location because a very small deviation of the rainfall calculation will affect your location

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