Research Shows Global Warming is a Natural and Predictable Event in the Earth's Evolution; a Recycling/Regeneration of Nature

  • Re: Is Global Warming a Hoax? See this picture

    As far as I can tell through the reading of current research and new developments in technology showing scientists more detailed information about the Earth's evolution; along with specific studies of the last Ice Age, it's been proven through findings of preserved, live plant life in glass particles produced by the meteor impact that created the last Ice Age; that it's a natural phenomenon that reoccurs in the Earth's evolution. It can now be calculated in terms of time/years. It's been proven that there's a regrowth and regeneration of life after an Ice Age; producing a fresh new atmosphere and a newly regenerated planet for new life to begin. Of course we don't like to believe these proven facts that show global warming is certainly not a hoax because it predicts our possible demise like the dinasaurs. But it also has been recently proven, that there is life after an Ice Age and complete regrowth of nature. Kind of like a natural recycling of sorts; and it all begins with global warming. I welcome your information and discussion on this subject including new scientific discoveries, facts and predictions for human life after the inevitable next Ice Age after global warming. I would like to thank all the scientists who spend their lives researching this subject to predict the survival of this planet as well as our own future survival; your time and knowledge is priceless, thank you for your service and dedication.

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