Location finding error

  • I use a VPN and the widget now often finds my location as London(VPN location) even though I'm physically in Dublin. When I click refresh on the widget it immediately finds the right area of Dublin.
    This never happened in the last year. It's only started this week since either the app was updated or my phone was updated to Android 11. I have enabled all location permissions for the app so not sure why this is happening.

  • Hello @mcgon, thank you for your report. This is a bug we are currently working on.

  • @mcgon, today we’ve released a new version of the application (26.1.6) which solves the widget issue.

    Let me know in case the issue still persists.

  • Hi Petra,
    The issue persists. I am using Android 11 and also ExpressVpn. This issue did not occur previously and my location was always correct when the widget was set to "my current location". Now however it detects the VPN location not my real location or network based location.

    Edit: I've completely removed app and clean installed and set widget again. I'll see if it made any difference and update shortly.

  • @mcgon we are aware of this issue and will be releasing a new version in the following day. We are sorry for the possible inconvenience.

  • No a problem at all Petra. I'm happy to provide feedback to make this brilliant app even better. Thanks for your reply.

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