Location finding error + widget only shows 3 days not 5

  • I use a VPN and the widget now often finds my location as London(VPN location) even though I'm physically in Dublin. When I click refresh on the widget it immediately finds the right area of Dublin.
    This never happened in the last year. It's only started this week since either the app was updated or my phone was updated to Android 11. I have enabled all location permissions for the app so not sure why this is happening.

  • Hello @mcgon, thank you for your report. This is a bug we are currently working on.

  • @mcgon, today we’ve released a new version of the application (26.1.6) which solves the widget issue.

    Let me know in case the issue still persists.

  • Hi Petra,
    The issue persists. I am using Android 11 and also ExpressVpn. This issue did not occur previously and my location was always correct when the widget was set to "my current location". Now however it detects the VPN location not my real location or network based location.

    Edit: I've completely removed app and clean installed and set widget again. I'll see if it made any difference and update shortly.

  • @mcgon we are aware of this issue and will be releasing a new version in the following day. We are sorry for the possible inconvenience.

  • No a problem at all Petra. I'm happy to provide feedback to make this brilliant app even better. Thanks for your reply.

  • @petra-pik I see when I installing the app, and app asking for access to location, only option is "location when app open/using" other app has the option "always" can this affect the problem with the issue for the location error...

  • Yes it may be an Android 11 issue. It persists for me even after recent updates. My location shows up as city of London in the widget but in in Ireland. My VPN is in London though. Was not an issue before Android 11.

  • @toyotaist thank you for the suggestion, we will investigate it
    @mcgon this occurred for users who have older versions of Android as well, it is a bug in the widget.

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • Thank you for your continued efforts guys. I just wanted to update as I bought a new phone.

    I bought a new Pixel 5 today running latest stock android.

    1. The location issue still persists. I'm sure you are working on it - but just wanted to mention it as it;s been a few weeks.

    2. The widget now only shows me 3 days! It used to show 5 days on the Pixel 2 - then it reduced to 4 days on the Pixel 2 after an update. Now on the Pixel 5 it only shows 3 days? :( See my image attached. Is this issue being worked on too? I'm a premium user of the app and love it - keep up the great work!


  • Is it possible to sign up to follow progress on ongoing issues like the location / widget issues?
    They've made the app mostly unusable in recent weeks so I am following with interest so I can test any fixes as they are released.


  • Ah.. I see from another thread the location issue is still being worked on as of now 19th Oct 11:15am UTC. Thanks.

    I don't see any update on the widget UI issue however? When I add the widget to my new Pixel 5 phone, I can only expand it to see 3 days as per screenshot. this should be 4 (like my pixel 2 with same 1080 width resolution) or 5 days like it used to be?

  • Hello @mcgon, thank you for the additional info. We haven't solved the widget issue nor do we have a bug repairs/new features schedule available to share.

    The solution for both of these issues is still in progress.

    We are sorry for the possible inconvenience, thank you for your understanding.

  • The UI is now fixed in latest release. I get to see 5 days in the widget on my pixel 5 now. Thanks guys.
    Location appears fixed too although I've not tested that long enough yet.

    alt text

  • Administrator

    @mcgon Hi, we are glad it is fixed now!

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