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    I'm running Android 10 on a Samsung Galaxy S10+

    Not sure if this is a bug or a quirk of the Windy subscription model. I have 2 widgets on my home screen and when this notification pops up, periodically, roughly every hour, the widgets stop refreshing. I switch to the Windy app, it refreshes and my widgets start working again (the widget refresh completes).

    I've attached screenshots of the notification message
    2020-09-16 08.46.38.jpg

    and the settings screen the notification leads me to.
    2020-09-16 07.48.05.jpg

    Some other pertinent information: I've tried various fixes suggested in the forums: reinstalled Windy, deleted and recreated the widgets, put Windy in the "do not put app to sleep" group"... all have failed to achieve results.

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