• This is Evgeny from Far East of Russia, Khabarovsk city.
    The main business of our company, shipping. Now we investigate new project for
    delivery some cargoes by ships to port Okhotsk and try to collect weather information for this place.
    We have interest for place with coordinates 59°20'31.1 N \ 143°17'56.6 E
    We are interested in following information for this place:

    Time 01.06.2019 – 01.11.2019 (or each day or period 12 hours)
    Wind force and direction
    Wave height and direction
    Swell height and direction
    Visibility (If any)
    Precipitation (if any)
    Please kindly inform me of possibility to provide me such weather archive information, price and how I can arrange payments.

  • Meteorologist | Premium

    There are no archived data available, maybe in the future

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