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    A few suggestions for the iOS App Forecast Display:

    • In the iOS App, the red forecast setting bar displays three widgets. The first widget is for toggling between the "1 hour" and "3 hours" forecast, the second is the "Display as:" widget, and the third is the "Fcst model:". All three widgets look similar, but the first widget shows the opposite setting from what is selected because it acts to change the setting directly (so if you are on 1 hour, it shows "3 hours", and if you are on 3 hours it shows "1 hour"). The other two widgets show the current setting, which makes the first widget inconsistent. Every time I glance at that thing, I have to remind myself that the first widget shows the opposite of what is currently selected. I'm not quite sure of the best way to resolve this inconsistency.
    • It would be nice to be able set defaults for the "1 hour/3 hour" setting as well as the "Display as:" setting. It seems like every time I open Windy, I have to change these settings.
    • Finally, it would be nice if there were a display of the last forecast update time on the Forecast display (it shows on the hamburger menu under Forecast model, but it would be nice to have it in the Forecast display as well).

  • Hello @tovodeverett, thank you for your feedback. We will take it into account when developing future features.

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