UNSOLVED Equivalent potential temperature - why actually removed? Please readd :)

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    I remember that there was once the variable "equivalent potential temperature" - a very important one for meteorologists!

    It is a common variable found in the models as "theta_e" - since I am now Premium Subscriber, I would really love to see it back in the list!

    Short explanation (source wikipedia):
    " θ e {\displaystyle \theta _{e}} \theta _{e} is the temperature a parcel of air would reach if all the water vapor in the parcel were to condense, releasing its latent heat, and the parcel was brought adiabatically to a standard reference pressure, usually 1000 hPa (1000 mbar) which is roughly equal to atmospheric pressure at sea level. "

    Which makes it such a nice variable to look at, because fronts are easy to detect in 850hPa and the amount of water can be derived with it as well.

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    Yes, thêta e and even more interesting thêta’w are 2 very important potential temperatures used in meteo. The goal of Windy is to be an outdoor application oriented, not really to be a tool for meteorologists, although we have tonrecognize that a lot of them use Windy because the app is very nice and easy to use!

    Having said that, we can debate about the limit : when data are outdoor oriented and when data are really dedicated for meteorologists only ?

    I would love to see thêta’w at 850hPa in Windy as it is something I use extremely often and I have to go to another site ton get the info,... But it is maybe not enough outdoor oriented

    One idea could be to integrate thêta’w in the sounding or in a SkewT type (emagram) of plugin

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