Lightning detector suggestion in South America

  • There is currently a pioneering site in the southern region of Brazil that has a lightning detection system, I believe that it is not just their system, as it covers the whole of America.
    The lightning monitoring website is, wouldn't it be possible to add this system to Windy? In South America, the detection system with these homemade devices is still rare.

    I await a return. Thank you!

  • Hello @vtrsmch, thank you for your suggestion. We are currently using data from our provider and not looking for a new one. However, we will consider it in the future.

  • | Premium

    I'm from Brazil and have a subscription for this great app
    I miss this functionality too, it would be very nice to show lighting in real time if possible.
    Another site that shows lightning in Brazil is
    Maybe Windy developers could "get" data from this source and show it on the radar maps like they do on other places…


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