Do you get more weather stations with Premium?

  • I’m just trying Windy and haven’t subscribed yet.
    I’m in the UK and can see the weather station being used is West Kirby which is 97 kilometres SW of my location and on the coast, whereas I live inland and right on the edge of mountains. The weather here is usually a lot different from West Kirby!
    I’m interested in cloud cover, rainfall and temperature as well as wind (for landscape photography).
    Does premium come with more, different and closer weather stations please?

  • Meteorologist | Premium

    Premium users get access to the 1h forecast in place of the 3h forecast and 4 updates/day in place of 2 for the IFS model from ECMWF. You won’t get access to more weather stations

  • Sailor Moderator

    I do not see a weather station in West Kirkby (Point 1) and there are several weather stations closer to your location (Point 2), 97km in North-East of West Kirby.


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