• Why is CAMS different than CAMS EU?
    When looking at the images provided by CAMS compared to CAMS EU, one can see a big difference between the two models in how they project NO2 pollution:
    cams eu.PNG
    I am particularly interested in how the pollution from a facility in the north of Norway is projected.
    In the CAMS EU projection it is hardly noticeable.In the CAMS projection it is very clear.Why is this so differently projected?

  • Administrator

    @arildvest Hello, CAMS EU is a local model with higher resolution of 10km, CAMS is a global model with lower horizontal resolution of 40km. This is why, data are presented differently.

  • Thanks for commenting Korina! I still don't get it. Why is there almost no pollution in CAMS EU and extreme pollution in CAMS? Shouldn't this be registered in both models? You say that higher resolution explains why the pollution is almost none in CAMS EU and lower resolution in CAMS explains why the pollution is extreme in CAMS model. Shouldn't this be the opposite way ? The higher the resolution of the model should mean that pollution would register better - not worse.What is it that I'm not getting here?

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