• Hi,
    My question is about rain radars display in Windy.

    I've remarked that for my region, what is shown on this layer often seems too "pessimistic". I don't think it is caused by artefacts of radar reflectivity, but rather by the choice of a color scale and data range.

    I'll take the current weather as an example :

    If I look at the map on RainViewer.com, things look different :

    I suppose that all rain radar apps just show the same data, processed or displayed differently.
    Is that true, or does the two services use different data sources ?

    If yes, it seems that the colour scale used here is key for good distinction of clouds/light rain/heavy rain. What appears as green and blue on the Windy map is shown in grey on the other map here, making it easier to spot where rain really is.

    I also remarked that the colour scale / data range of rain radar is not customizable in Windy (though layouts from weather models have customizable colour scales). Might some improvement be possible here ?

  • Hi @arnall, the view is different because of the choice of a color scale. You can check the scale to see what range of dBZ specific color represents.

    It is true that multiple apps are displaying data from the same radar.

    We might consider enabling editing the color scale for weather radar.

    Screenshot 2020-10-02 at 15.22.41.png

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