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    I set my view options to Hourly & Meteogram at the bottom of the page in Premium. They stay there for that particular visit, but each time I close the app & come back they’ve been forgotten & need to be reset. Is there no switch to save these options permanently? I’ve also looked in settings. Unless I decide to change them at some later date, they should remain as set. Is there a switch somewhere that I’m missing? If not, one should be added. Thanks.

  • Hello @rhess, thank you for supporting us by subscribing to Windy Premium!

    Some settings are default and can't be customized – layer, zoom level, basic detailed forecast. Everything you customize in Menu > Settings will be saved and displayed every time you open the app (units, time format,...)

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    I would like to save these settings too @petra-pik

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    Agreed...having these settings saved would be a very nice addition.

  • @leontebbens @breezybutt thank you for your feedback, we will take it to account when developing future features.

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