• I have followed the specified procedure for restoring Premium multiple times and get the same "Failed to restore purchases" every time.

    I can send images of my order with number and the result of the restore process but didn't want to post the order number on a public site.

    From my perspective as a user, it looks like a bug on the Windy/Fastspring side. Please advise as to what I should do now.


  • Hello @skyriver, thank you for your support!

    On which platform are you subscribed – Google Play, App Store, or FastSpring?

    I don't see any subscription linked to your profile's email in FastSpring, is it possible you used a different one?

    If you are subscribed via app, you have to follow the restoration process in the application and you haven't received any order reference number.
    In this case, I would recommend uninstall and install the app again and make sure you are logged in.

    Once you are a Premium user, you will see the crown icon by your profile picture.

    Screenshot 2020-10-05 at 13.12.41.png

  • @petra-pik

    The order was placed through FastSpring on May 1, 2020 on the desktop computer I am trying to get restored on. The user id is dougberkeley2@gmail.com.

    Images of the problem and my order are attached. Please resolve this, I am getting very frustrated. Thank you.

  • @skyriver I see where the issue is, your subscription is linked to another account – username: riverofsky.
    Once you are logged in with this account, you will be able to see the Premium features.

  • | Premium

    Thank you Petra it is fixed now that I used the correct login id. I apologize for my earlier impatience. I love Windy - the best weather site in the world.

  • @riverofsky I am happy to hear it works for you!

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