Distance and planning tool no wooks as it did

  • The distance and planning tool not working as it has for the last storm. Im tracking Delta and when I right click on the storm after the hurricane tracking option has been selected, I do get the drop down menus and option for distance aka the ruler, but when I click on it instead of having the point entered as my starting point i get nothing. I have then move the courser, right click to see Lat and long numbers and then by process of elimination land on the current position of the storm and then enter it as my starting point. This is not good. Did something change in the last few days?

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    @JoeBFLL There is new version. Can you make video?

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    I am not sure distance is compatible with hurricane tracking plugin

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    Works fine with me. Just click once more to the map. Hurricane tracker will be closed of course.

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    Windy 1 show the drop down menu and wind 2 shows no way point after distance and planning was clicked from the drop down menu. I have tried the site on Chrome. Exporter and safari all with the same results

    I made a movie but i don't have privileges to attach it here. I can sent it to you if you provide the access or and email address


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    With the Hurricane tracker you get the official past track (NHC) and the future track as predicted by weather models, here ECMWF:


    And with the Distance & planning tool you can draw also the future track of the storm.


    What more do you want than these features ?
    You cannot draw a track on the Hurricane tracker layer. I don’t think this was ever possible.

  • It was. You can enter a way point at the current location of a storm and then see how far it was from Any other location by just clicking on that location. Sometime changed. Even if you right Click any where on a map get the drop down menu click the ruler And you would get waypoint one At that exact location.

    ThAts the feature that has goon away. You right click you get the drop down you click on the ruler and you get a blank map no waypoint

  • Sailor Moderator

    May be it was, but you can still measure the distance between the storm and any location. So it’s not a big issue.


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