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    Can you display weather Fronts with future projections? Similar to what Noaa’s ocean prediction center pacific analyst maps display.


    While this is an old notation we’ve see on news weather channels, I find the NOAA prediction of where air masses are moving to very useful for a quick glance when out at sea.

    Captain Jack

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    Hi Capt’n
    Windy visualizes only weather models data and up to now these models are NOT able to draw fronts. They are drawn usually by meteorologists so there is no solution at the moment to display fronts on Windy.
    You would like to see similar analysis / forecast fronts maps as those of NOAA. How many meteorologists are employed by this agency? None by Windy.

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    Fortunately for the meteorologists working for NOAA or other national institutes, their work and analysis cannot be always replaced by an application or a computer as it is the case for the front map for instance.
    Having said that, there are couple of things you can do with Windy to try to see front, and air mass with different temperatures :

    1. check the humidity above 90% (very critical) and at 700hPa and 600hPa. You should see the fronts as illustrated :334E5AA0-8BE0-409A-B1C4-BF74F79D96DF.jpeg

    The red zone shows the front, with humidity above 90% and just after, you can see a huge drop of the humidity with the brown zone

    1. check the temperature at 850hPa to follow air mass temperatures. Ideally, you should use the potential temperature (a temperature among others which doesn’t vary with the altitude) but this temperature is not available with Windy. Nevertheless, temperatures at 850hPa will allow you to compare different air mass and follow them, especially on the sea because hills and mountains could otherwise interfere at this level.


    Same picture as above, same moment. You can see the temperature differences, as there is an air mass at 0°C followed by an air mass at 4°C. This confirms the front identified above with the humidity map and on top, you see that it is a warm front
    This type of analysis will not replace a front map draws by professionals but at least you can get something thanks to Windy

  • ECMWF does it here: https://apps.ecmwf.int/r/cdb/ (see detailed description via control Help).

    But I think this should remain generated and provided by Met institutes.

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