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    Re: Suggestion for improvement

    I agree with @PJB2020 and his list of suggestions for added features. Windy.com is the best website I've seen in terms of meteorology data visualization. But as a Meteorology Undergrad in their senior year, I would still like more data to be available (first thing coming to mind is vorticity/vorticity advection). I use so many different websites to get my data already (SPC, Pivotal, COD, RAP, NECP Plume viewer, etc.) I would like to consolidate this down if possible and see some more data features added to windy.

    So far I love the site though, and just became a premium member today!

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    @evan-rys Hello, thank you for your suggestion and supporting Windy.com! We will consider it.

  • @evan-rys said in Addition of Features:

    meteorology data visualization.

    I think, An important thing to notice in the visualization of the given data is that not all meteorological factors can be visualized directly. I'm not sure, but answer is pitching your question solution. Thanks

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