Just paid for a year’s subscription. Not seeing anything to show for it.

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    Just paid for a year’s premium subscription. Got my email receipt from Apple charging me for it. Created a username and login for Windy as part of the process. Am logged in to the Windy iOS app:

    1. Nothing in the Settings or elsewhere in the app that is immediately obvious denotes that I’m now accessing a premium paid service.

    2. Nothing in the way of an email or section in the app explaining how to enable or access Premium paid features.

    3. No ability (that I can find) to reach out to anyone at Windy to address these questions.

    How can I confirm I am now accessing Premium paid content in the Windy app? (Windy looks the same as it did before I subscribed.)

    How can I contact someone at Windy to address these questions?

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    @alanbishop Hello,

    thank you for supporting Windy.com!

    You can see your Premium status by a little crown next to your profile photo. However if you created account after your purchased Premium, the Premium might not be assigned to your account yet.

    Please follow steps in this article to restore your purchase.

    Let me know if you need further help.

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