Despite premium subscription, ECMWF updated 10 hours ago...

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    Hello there!

    I have a premium subscription, but the ECMWF update is very late. I would like to know why is that? Is it a usual problem? If it is than the premium version has no real value for me. :(


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    It seems that there is an issue to get the update from ECMWF. This is not related to your subscription. I have the same issue.As you could see, the update was supposed to be done at 2.55PM, in line with the 4 updates expected per day.

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    In my opinion, late update-or even a lost 6 hr update- is not very significant in the forecasting.
    Sometimes the recent forecast can be worse than a previous one!
    Its called "jumpiness".
    I copy from ECMWF's "Forecast User Guide"
    "... Just because the most recent forecast is, on average, better than the previous one,
    it does not mean that it is always better.
    A more recent forecast can be worse than a previous one, and often with increasing forecast range
    it becomes increasingly likely that the 12 or 24 hours older forecast is the better one. ..."

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    @Yves70 @Gkikas-LGPZ
    Thank you guys for the answers. Yes, I guess it's true, a forecast can be worse than a previous one. It's just annoying that you payed for something and you don't get what you was promised.
    The update finally arrived after 11 hours, but I don't see any changes in wind speed and wind direction at all (in 3 different altitude), which is quite strange I think. Looks like premium subscription has not much to offer.

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    @MolnAir Hi, we are sorry, this was a fault on our server, not a problem on ECMWF side. We had difficulties with data importing, so there remained the old forecast. Everything is up and running now.
    On Premium subscriptions: we are trying to find a balance between keeping most of the features free and giving good added value to premium users. A year ago there were just donations (no added value for our contributors). This year we came up with better temporal resolution of the forecasts and it is likely that we will be adding more premium features or maybe shifting some existing features to premium to keep the product attractive for our subscribers. We are developing Windy for people and we are happy that a part of them (like you) is willing to pay for it. Thank you!

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