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    Hi, as an airline pilot I use windy a lot and I know a lot of my colleaugues and co-workers do also. It´s a really great app.
    Would it be possible to enter the tropause height to the chart or as an option to choose so that you can see it clearly. It is also one important factor on weather.

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    You are totally right, tropopause height is a key factor for you and for meteorologist to predict weather forecast. We know that the interaction between altitude (cold anomaly of tropopause) and surface (warm anomaly) is the basis of the cyclogenesis.
    Almost all thalwegs, visible with Windy at 500hPa with geopotential lines, are associated to a lower tropopause (cold anomaly) which is already an interesting info to know and follow but that will not give you the exact tropopause height as a 1.5PVU map could give you

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