• Hi Windy.com,

    We love your website.
    I look at it a lot and my friend Ken told me about it.
    How accurate is your website?I talk to an amateur weather forecaster and he tells me that your website is really good and very accurate.
    I love the lightning tracker on it as I love storms and I like to know if there's a good chance of me seeing one where I live.I live in Dandenong,in Melbourne,Victoria.
    I wondered if you could give me a call sometime so I could speak to you about the weather for about 10 minutes.My name's Ben and I'm Jono's support worker and I'm writing this post now.However,it's Jono that you need to talk to if you do call.Jono's phone number is 0431255426 and he's really interested in the weather and especially storms and would love it if you could talk to him about the weather for the upcoming next few weeks.Hopefully someone will be able to call Jono soon.Thanks very much,from jono and ben

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