Smooth animation not on PC but on Mobile for me

  • Hello, i am new here and i love windy it has everything i need, but i have noticed something. The smooth animation for satellite isn't as smooth as on my Iphone (mobile). On my phone the satellite "loop" is very smooth, but on my PC its "jumpy" its not smooth as phone.
    Any reason why?
    And yes i do have the smooth animation on - before you ask

  • Sailor Moderator

    Hi, the animation seems smooth on your phone due to the size of the screen. Try to set the Windy zoom level on your PC to have the same magnification as your phone. You will see that the "smoothness" will be the same, even if Smooth animation is not ticked.
    With this option it must be even better.

  • Oh alright, anyway to make it smooth while on fullscreen??? o

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