• I came to realize that my city appears as "Andorra La Vieja" when it should be "Andorra La Vella".

    But apparently, in OpenStreetMaps, the souce is correct!

    "Andorra La Vieja" its the Spanish name for the city, but spanish as a language is not recognized by the andorran constitution: only catalan language is. The only and official name should be, then, "Andorra La Vella".

    I can see this happens in many catalan cities, too. Many of them (Tarrasa, Sant Sadurni de Noya, etc) are spanish names that Franco's dictatorship imposed more than 80 years ago, replacing the original catalan ones. The correct name for both places should be "Terrasa" and "Sant Sadurni d'Anoia".

  • Administrator

    @korddac Hello, thank you for bringing this to our attention. If the OSM source is correct, it will be later projected on Windy.com as well.

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