Verify your email address to continue receiving alerts

  • Dear users,

    As a part of higher security and protection of our users, it is no longer possible to send alerts to an unverified email address.

    Therefore all your alerts are now suspended until you verify your email address.

    You will receive an email with a verification link.

    In case you haven't received the verification email, please, check your spam folder or you can send it manually in the Settings (available only in a desktop version now).

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  • I got this email earlier though I am not sure it would have made it past the phishing filters in most email clients. The language is very close to what people have been told to avoid in these sorts of emails and the entire message very much appears to be a phishing 'SCAM'.

    I had to google it, find the forum, come here, see the pinned post and even then I was still hesitant about clicking on the link.

    Add to the above when I click on the link and visit the page to confirm my email address as being the same one I am currently logged in as, it tells me 'this emaill address is already used by another user' even though I haven't changed anything.

    This feels very rushed, and I would encourage you to take a step back and revise the language in the email and also validate that the process on the landing page works correctly.


  • Administrator

    @craigjackson Thanks for letting us know. Thanks to you we found and fix a bug, now you should be able to pass the verification. Thank you again and sorry for all complications.

  • The recent verification email seems very suspicious. Google has red flagged the email as it is not encrypted. A better approach would have been to instruct users to login to their user account, go to settings, notifications and send an email to verify the users address. I just did this and all is good.

  • @petra-pik yep I also thought this was a phishing scam.

  • Hi @iridedaily @sea_fever, we are sorry we gave you this impression, we definitely didn't mean to. I hope you were able to go through the verification process smoothly.

  • Administrator

    @iridedaily That is strange, our mail server should encrypt every single mail. My Google account did not mark this email as non encrypted. Can you please send me screenshot or any further info? It would help us a lot to improve mailing in the future. Thanks!

  • @petra-pik i was getting the alert emails fine then got this same email to verify email mow i get duplicates on every favorite i have....very annoying!!!

  • @WolfSpirit Is it possible, that you have two accounts with us?

  • There is no notification part of my settings after delete everything option.

    There is no email from you in my promotions folder. In fact the last windy alert I received was Dec 2019. Thank you for sending them to me and why did you stop?

    Since Friday 2am my dock and boat has been subjected to repeated windstorms and waves so it would have been very nice to have been warned and to have been prepared Enivironment Canada was 8hrs behind real time on this one and cannot forecast anything short of a hurricane.

  • Hello @ut038, I am sorry to hear this.

    Please, check that particular weather alert when you are logged in. Do you see it? If you, would upload a screenshot?

  • @petra-pik Sorry you have lost me. Does windy still work on Xp? or is that why last alert was Dec 2019

    Windy Alert
    Wed, 18 Dec 2019, 05:48

    to ut038

    Hi buddy,

    BIG day at North Saanich is coming

    I attach screenshot where there is no notification tab . My friend just tried on his Windows 7 and it was there, but he couldn't get anywhere with xp

  • Hi @ut038, some features can be affected by the version of the internet browser. However, you should be able to receive alerts that are already set up, no matter what version of the browser you have.

    I have answered your email, adding some questions that that will help clarify the issue.

  • This post is deleted!
  • Sailor Moderator

    Not here ! You must do it as explained here above in first post.

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