Danger zones or speed cameras on navigation

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    Many thanks for the Windy Maps app!
    So smart to plan a trip or just find weather conditions for a ride.
    Is it possible to include danger zones or speed cameras while on the drive path mode?
    Also I've found an option for traffic conditions but unable to activate... any suggestion?
    Could you please also consider a "bike" mode?
    Another suggestion to improve the app could be adding a toggle display with time and distance remaining before arrival.
    Congrats for all your good job and get the force!

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    Hello again
    Forgot to speak about import gpx files (already mentioned in another post) but also export gpx files from Windy maps...
    Another idea is o be able to plan a trip from a computer web app or equivalent an then upload to the phone app...
    And last but not least, the elevation profile is just displayed at the bottom of the trip windows on the phone app... could you please add an option that could allow to find the elevation points on the track or route by sliding a cursor along the elevation profile?
    Many many thanks in advance!

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    @Cool_Rider Hello, thank you for the suggestions. Speed cameras are not available in the app. What do you mean by "traffic conditions" please?

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    @Korina , Hello and thanks for your reply.
    With "traffic conditions" I mean traffic jam, men at work, work under process... or any situations along the path planed to go from Departure to Destination. Especially when using Windy maps for car rides...

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