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    There are issues with NAM, so the NAM-Conus, NAM-Hawaii, NAM-Alaska models are not being updated on Windy. The problems are on the data provider's server, but the NOAA team is trying to solve them right now.
    From the NOAA mailing list: "However the GEFS and the NAM are still unable to be updated to NOMADS. ... restoring these models to NOMADS will be top priority for NCEP".
    Windy will be updated as soon as the new data is available.

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    It seems that NAM is still unavailable. Message from NOAA mailing list this morning:

    "The data center network maintenance that took place on 10/22 has caused many unexpected issues. Beginning early today our system admins began to troubleshoot reports of both the Opendap and Grib Filter services being unresponsive. Unfortunately, with the complexity of the issues within the data center, the team was unable to restore the services. At this time, both OpenDap and Grib Filter services are down. We will continue to persevere through this incredibly impactful outage and work as quickly as we can to recover NOMADS. "

    NOAA provides another means to download the NAM model. We will wait a while and if the problems with NOMADS servers persist we will rewrite our systems to the other data distribution.

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    Ok, NOMADS server still does not have the data: https://nomads.ncep.noaa.gov/pub/data/nccf/com/nam/prod/nam.20201026/
    We will try to adapt other data source.

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    @TZ NAM 3K and NAM 12K are perfectly fine on XCskies.com and other forecast sites and applications. Yes please find an alternative source for the data.

  • From: NCEP.list.NOMADS-ftpprd  on behalf of NOMADS-FTPPRD list  Sent: Monday, October 26, 2020 22:04 To: _NCEP.List.nomads-ftpprd  Subject: Re: [NCEP.list.NOMADS-ftpprd] Update on NOMADS Grib Filter and OpenDap Restoration
    Evening NOMADS Users, 
    At this time we have restored all services and all data sets to NOMADS. The GEFS and NAM data were turned back on at 2150 UTC, and the ensemble data is running for the 18Z cycle right now. We will be unable to backfill any missing data. If users experience any other issues please report them to us so we can investigate. We thank you for your patience during this very impactful outage.
    Carissa Klemmer NCEP Central Operations IDSB Branch Chief 301-683-3835
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    @vsinceac Yes, NAM is back at NOMADS. And also on Windy.

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