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    Or more probably a bug. South of SF shows 26° about 2mi north of predict 96° and everywhere around is 65°

    version: 26.1.8
    built: 2020-09-21, 18:07
    }Error console
    Last errors occured inside Windy app. If present, these can help us to identify the issue and fix it quickly. Please note, that some issues do not cause any problems and some issues are not fixable
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    Error no: 1
      "timestamp": 1603653754540,
      "runningMs": 387242,
      "type": "user",
      "module": "subscription",
      "msg": "Failed to restore in-app purchases: Nothing to restore",
      "url": "http://localhost/#/subscription?namConus,2020-10-24-18,37.901,-122.662,11,i:pressure",
      "ver": "26.1.8",
      "target": "mobile",
      "stack": "Error: Nothing to restore
    		    at http://localhost/v/26.1.8.mob.b1d3/plugins/subscription.js:2:12937",
      "deviceID": "61eb32c0-8425-041d-3dd4-98d55590e0dd",
      "error": " {
    		    \"stack\": \"Error: Nothing to restore\
    		    at http://localhost/v/26.1.8.mob.b1d3/plugins/subscription.js:2:12937\",
    		    \"message\": \"Nothing to restore\"
      "isOnline": true,
      "latestBcast": "bcast: redrawFinished (15880ms ago at 1603653738660)
    		detail: clickColumn 8 (14228ms ago at 1603653740312)
    		bcast: rqstOpen subscription (3541ms ago at 1603653750999)
    		bcast: closePane subscription (3520ms ago at 1603653751020)
    		bcast: pluginOpened subscription (3447ms ago at 1603653751093)",
      "sessionName": "us-edwikman",
      "sessionCounter": 1,
      "lang": "en",
      "retina": true,
      "size": "412x869",
      "glParticles": false,
      "platform": "android",
      "errorID": "failed-to-restore-in-app-purchases-nothing-to-restore"


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    You better show a screenshot otherwise what can we say about your unclear post. Which model have you selected?

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