Kanchatka peninsula contamination past September - past currents data

  • Dear all and specially our Windy heroes,

    You may be aware of the contamination on Kanchatka Peninsula past September, as it was reported by BBC News: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-54420508

    It could be a red tide, due to eutrofication, the result of pollution, or it could be something else. The hypothesis that worries me the most is that it could be the increase of radiation heavy water leaking from Fukushima nuclear plant. Radioactive water never completely stoped leaking despite of the efforts by Tepco engineers.

    Would it be possible to obtain the data from currents in the region over past September?

    My best regards and congrats for the heroes who keep Windy running!


  • Administrator

    @gtpinhei Hello, we unfortunately do not offer archive data, so we can not help you.

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