• Sir, May I suggest that a map scale is displayed somewhere on the map permanently? This should be separate from the excellent planning tool.

  • Sailor Moderator


    Windy uses the Mercator projection, which does not present the same fixed distance scale at bottom and at top of the map. The distance scale varies with latitude. So it’s difficult to have only one scale for a map or then just valid for the middle of the map.
    Personally I find the Distance & Planning tool to be much more effective and precise than a scale in a corner of the map.

  • See also this related post.

    Afaik. Windy uses Google projection, aka. Web Mercator, Google Web Mercator, Spherical Mercator, EPSG:900913 or WGS84 Web Mercator. It is a variant of Mercator projection, used as standard in Web mapping. As one can see on screenshot below Google Maps itself provides well a map scale on UI, which could always help:


    Of course, displaying also on UI the current cursor position on map (lon/lat) would be a plus; Leaflet, as well as all other GIS frameworks provide UI controls for both map scale and cursor position.

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