• On the page - Rain/Thunderstorms the units shown on the bottom axis are l/km2 and the units are in the range 0.025 to 20

    This is incorrect, for that range the units would be l/m2

    On the page - Rain/Accumulation the bottom axis range goes
    mm 5 10 20 40 1m

    This last is nonsense, it should be 100mm to correlate with the map colours

  • Sailor Moderator

    These scales both for Thunderstorm and for Rain accumulation are correct.

    l/km2 means lightning per square kilometre. Could you imagine 1 lighting per square metre? (It’s not litres per square kilometre)

    Rain accumulation can be the accumulation of rain over 10 days and 1m (1000mm) is not a non sense ! This is possible in tropical regions as shown here some weeks ago:


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