featureGroup not show in windy

  • Hi, I am new to windy.

    I am trying to draw semi circle on map, so i am using an extension called 'Leaflet-semicircle'.

    but when i add the semi circles into a featureGroup, then add featureGroup into M.map, it dosen't anything on windy.

    Is something wrong?

    windyInit(options, function (windyAPI) {
      var map = windyAPI.map;
      var latlng = [0, 0];
      function rangerings (latlng, opts) {
        opts = L.extend({
            count: 8,
            interval: 1000,
            direction: 120,
            spread: 60
        }, opts);
        var layer = L.featureGroup();
        for (var i = 1; i 

  •         L.semiCircle(latlng, {
                radius: i * opts.interval,
                fill: false,
                color: '#4285f44a',
                weight: 5
            }).setDirection(opts.direction, opts.spread).addTo(layer);
        return layer;
  • Administrator

    L.featureGroup is supported

  • Code contributor | Premium


    Maybe the problem is the color, your color is very faint on wind map.

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