Using single premium account accross multiple desktops at same time

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    Hello There at windy,

    Good Day!

    I wish to know, Is it possible to use a single premium account across 5-6 PC at the same time for monitoring weather?



  • Hello @jkmeher, thank you for considering supporting us by subscribing to Windy Premium!

    If you log in to a device with an account which is Premium, you get Premium on that device. So to answer your question – yes, you have a Premium available across all your devices.

  • Meteorologist

    @petra-pik Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. What I can understand is "Multiple logins are possible with a single premium account at the same time". Is there any limit of such simultaneous login?


  • @jkmeher you are right. We don't limit this. However, the Premium is meant to be used by a single user on multiple devices. It is not against our Terms of Use but in a way, you will abuse this possibility when you get one subscription and share it with your colleagues.

  • Meteorologist

    @petra-pik, ohh yes I understand.

    I have one more query, do windy have any plans to provide forecast at every 15 minute granularity. Is there any such option available with you now or in pipeline to come in future? I am also interested to subscribe for 15-minute granularity forecast as well. Can you provide that to me?


  • @jkmeher we have available 1-hour forecast for Premium users, basic version has 3-hour steps.

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