• Hello, I've been sending my data to my stations. First station is showing fine, added another station to my account and i have been posting data but it wont show on windy. I have been getting response 200 which suggests data is being received ok, but no station showing on the map
    ID's are

    ID: f05a550a (working)
    ID: 1f05a550a (not showing)

    My code looks like this for the http parameters

    URL = 'https://stations.windy.com/pws/update/*APIKEY*
    PARAMS = "station=0&wind={windsc}&winddir={winddirection}".format(**vars())
    requests.get(url=URL, params=PARAMS)

    if i do a GET to retrieve data from the station, i do indeed return results, it's just a case of it not showing on windy.

  • Administrator

    @YH-IT Hello, when did you please add your first station? It may take some time till the station starts showing.

  • Hello, Showing now. I think there may have been a delay. I added it yesterday morning

  • Administrator

    @YH-IT Hello, I do not see your station showing on the map yet. There is still loading circle.

  • @Korina My station is showing on the map but the history is showing a loading circle? any ideas why?


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