Meteoblue weather map shows ECMWF

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    Sorry if there is already an issue on this topic, I did a search and could not find it.

    When a location is selected, when switching the local forecast between models, if I select the "Meteoblue" model, the weather map of ECMWF gets displayed which usually has nothing to do with the Meteoblue forecast.
    Only way to get a matching weather map to "Meteoblue" prediction is to exit the location and select "NEMS" (which I assume is the same as Meteoblue ?).

    Nothing major, but it gets annoying.

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    Hi, the METEOBLUE model is not exactly same as NEMS as explained here by Meteoblue:

    METEOBLUE AI is a multimodel including NEMS but also other models. So the forecast for a location in Meteogram is based on METEOBLUE and this forecast is slightly different from that of the NEMS model shown on the map. You may note that NEMS model chosen by Windy is a limited area model, covering Europe only, when METEOBLUE is provided for all location throughout the world.

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