Illegal and incorrect Cities and Willages name on Karabakh region which is Azerbaijan territory

  • Hello Dear Staff. Please be informed that your Map shows incorrect or illegal Coties and willages name on Nogorniy Karabakh which is territory of Azerbaijan Republic and uccupied by armenian separatists. All related world organizations and communities confess this territory as Azerbaijan. Please Change the names and correct it as Azerbaijan legal names as written. Thanks a lot

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  • Dear Staff, first of all I would recommend you to write in a polite language. It would be better not to warn me that i can be banned. Second, open street map , write in 2 language.
    (Azerbaijan and armenia) Lachin, Fuzuli, Shusha and etc. please, respect territorial integrity and correct the names. By the way wind app are used by many people in Azerbaijan. Especially aviators. Good app with awesome capability. Thats why i hope my request will be corrected and obeyed. Thanks a lot.

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    My message was not impolite. It is relying only on the information that you find in Windy FAQ which concerns all users.

  • Such a beatiful application like Windy must not contain incorrect information. This app is to be used by many aviators and also by me. Thats why, it would be better that you respect all territorial integrity of Azerbaijan Republic and correct of all Name of cities and willages in Nagorniy Karabakh. Karabakh is Azerbaijan!!!
    (What about street map, they corrected some coties and willages- but despite that complain will be provided in a Level of government)
    Thanks a lot.

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    @DreamSpeed Hello, please read the suggested articles to learn more about disputed territories. Thank you.

  • I woul suggest to carefully review and follow latest news in the karabakh region and then write any comment. Thanks

  • @DreamSpeed
    First of all, I think idefix37 is not an Windy staff (a moderator, meaning one of the users, and if I am wrong, I would like to apologize.)

    Secondly, the application map data is provided from a different data source which is not managed by Windy, and it is clearly stated in the FAQ.
    Even though it is not stated clearly in the Top Page of Windy, please confirm the statement from the Windy before commenting such "legal" issues.

    Thirdly, if your additional comments were made "before" confirming the FAQs yourself, it would be "POLITE" to apologize idefix37 for the misunderstanding and your lack of confirmation.

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    @seek_jp Hello, thank you for the explanation, as you mentioned, map data are not managed by Windy.

  • Please, I want say again.-doesnt matter from which source you are feeding, the basic Principle here to comply all requirements including Name of places, because thix App actually useing by more countries. Your source of using have to be legal and legally accepted by UN. And Karabakh is legally accepted by UN like Azerbaijan Territory and all Cities and Willages names must be carefully reviewd and then imported for This Amazing Apps. Respect to International law and territorial integrity have to be obeyed by everyone especially if you are using Legal App. And please, dont try to explain or force to me understand something which is illegal or incorrect. Its your direct responsibility check and review all sourse of information before use it. Thanks a lot for your patience

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    I think the Windy point of view is totally correct:

    *"Windy uses data from Open Street Maps for our base maps.
    What is on OSM, we use. If you think that something is not correct, please report it at or correct it.

    Also we are aware that there is a lot of wars and territorial disputes all over the world. [...]

    We are focused on good weather product and we have absolutely no resources to present different maps to different countries.
    Please accept it."*

    It´s understandable that some people will be offended, but the way to change it is through OSM. Better that than no windy maps ;)

    Also, windy has no obligation to provide politically correct information. It´s just a tool, if it´s useful use it, if it´s not accurate enough for your useage, then use something else.

    P.D. I´m just a user and in no way afliated to anybody.

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