• Hello,

    I have various questions about the Windy APIs. I'd be grateful if someone could help me understand better.

    Map vs. Point forecast API
    For my project I need to a) show the world map of winds (for different altitude - I guess through layers) and b) get what is the wind direction/speed at a given locations and its corresponding altitude.
    Am I right to assume that I will need Map Forecast API for a) and Point Forecast API for b)?

    Trajectory display
    I saw in this post that there is a plugin for trajectory display.
    Is it something I can use to compute what would be the position of a virtual flying object given its current position and altitude? The objective is to display on the Windy Map the trajectory of this object.

    Sessions per day
    I do not have clear how the sessions are calculated.
    Say I have now 100 users on my website looking at the wind speed/direction for their location (which is not fixed and get updated say every second), how would the sessions be counted?

    Many thanks!

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