• It would be nice to see the average of each different map for each different model displayed in the usual rainbow color format. It would be just a statice map, maybe that you click on a toggle switch to go from hourly to average. Then for each map disolay the average for that models length. It would also be cool if you could specify the time for each model.

    For example. NAM is usually 72 hours, so display a map of the combined average of 72 hours. With the ECMWF it could be broken down to 7 or 14 day average.

    Idk haha. It would be useful, I use windy because I like doing astrophotography, I know you don't have a light pollution map nor would I expect that cause that would be outside the scope of your product, but I know you do cater to weather related activities such as aviation and water sports, so who knows maybe you will haha. But the average visibility would be nice to see were I would have the best chance of have clear seeing conditions and no clouds or humidity or anything else such as PM2.5 that affects light absorption and scattering.

    Thanks Samuel. I love windy by the way.

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