• Windy.com appears to have the potential of being a very superior weather site, however the radar sensitivity is too low. Too often it shows no precipitation when there is slight drizzle; or gives an indication of light rain when there is significant rain.

    Although, as stated Windy.com has potential, the radar on Weather.com is more accurate for planning purposes. You have extensive display controls on your website, perhaps you could add a user-controllable sensitivity setting, or at least bump-up the sensitivity.

  • Hello @danax79681, thank you for your feedback.

    Our lightning data are provided by https://www.blitzortung.org/en/live_lightning_maps.php.
    We visualize these data, we don't create or edit them.

  • Moderator

    Lightning data come from blitzortung.
    WX Radar data come (mostly) from rainviewer.

  • @Gkikas-LGPZ As I understand it Windy.com is a customer, and not a provider of the radar data. You state that Windy obtains it's radar data from Rainviewer. If you have any input to rainviewer, perhaps you could request radar data of higher sensitivity; assuming Rainviewer is a provider, and not just another customer of some other source.

    Again, this morning it's drizzling outside, but Windy.com radar indicates no precipitation.


    Follow-Up: Just checked into Rainviewer, apparently they are not the source of the radar data either, they are simply an aggregator. Rainviewer says that the data they provide is free; well I guess you get what you pay for - lol. Perhaps, Windy could find a more accurate source of FREE radar data.

  • Sailor Moderator

    @danax79681 said in Weather Radar Sensitivity:

    Windy.com is a customer, and not a provider of the radar data

    Of course Windy cannot be a radar data provider. Windy is not owning any radar in any country.
    Weather radar are owned and monitored by national weather departments which provide then the radar data.
    For instance in USA, Windy get these data directly from the NOAA.

    Capture d’écran 2020-11-13 à 15.08.54.png

    Same in UK with the Met Office, in France with Météo France, in Germany with DWD, etc...
    It's only in few countries that Windy use the data from Rainviewer which gather radar data in the world.

  • @idefix37 I was simply responding to the information provided by one of the Windy Moderators Gkikas LGPZ, who stated "WX Radar data come (mostly) from rainviewer".

    Again, regardless of the source of the data, it does not accurately reflect what's actually appearing when looking out the window of a given area.

    As I've stated Windy.com has great potential, the weather display is significantly superior to other sites; the only thing preventing it from being the BEST is the accuracy of the Windy radar.

    My purpose is to see Windy improve through constructive criticism.


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