No way to keep same background map even "in very detailed zoom levels"

  • In the past we could keep the same background map even "in very detailed zoom levels".
    Now we are forced to change to one of two alternatives, that make it very hard to see the little wind arrows.
    If it were easy to see the little wind arrows, then these two choices should be allowed at any zoom level.
    In the picture you can see at the right I left a slice of the original background map that I wish would be still available as a choice at any zoom level, just like the site used to work.

    (For the left circle choice the arrows are still best visible over the ocean. For the right circle choice, over the ocean one cannot see any arrows.)

  • Administrator

    @jidanni Hello, weather layer is available till the zoom 11, which is enough to recognize weather patterns. Then you have option to choose between satellite or touristic base map.

  • @Korina Yes. I am saying let's not decide for the user what level is enough, but instead give them the freedom to chose the same/whatever layer all the way to the end.
    In particular the freedom to get the previous behaviour that was seen before the latest site update.

    (In fact I don't think "in the history of cartography" there has been any other site where map styles suddenly jarringly change as one zooms.) (Indeed it couldn't be due to saving costs, as fewer map layers mean less costs than more.)

  • Administrator

    @jidanni This behaviour is still the same, it has not changed since the last update.

  • @Korina Fine.
    Anyway, in all cases the little animated wind arrows are easier to see on a non-distracting background.
    That is why it is the only choice at lower zoom levels.
    That principle still holds at higher zoom levels. Alas "the rug has been pulled out from underneath us" at higher zoom levels. Therefore please consider offering the non-distracting background as one of the choices for high zoom levels. Thanks.

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