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    I'm a little bit confused about reading the Meteogram. Can you please help me understand the marked graph on the photo attached below. !Capture.JPG

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    @aidzer Hello !

    I propose my interpretation, I hope it is correct. ;)


  • Pilot | Premium

    @Nyxtorm Thanks for the explanation. I thought also that this might be the explanation but. Look at the pressure, based on the image we have 1014hpa. But the graph represents different if you know what I mean. :)

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    @aidzer Indeed, the variation is a bit strange if we compare with the values above the curve. This is just a supposition, but maybe the line "Pressure" truncates the pressure at the unit (1011.9 remains at 1011 for example)? Or maybe it is the average over the period? And the curve would remain more accurate?

    Sorry if it's not that, maybe someone from Windy will be able to help us on this point? :)

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    @Nyxtorm Thank you for your help. I really appreciate for explaining to me based on your point of view. It actually makes sense. :)

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    Your interpretation is correct. In the meteogram (not the basic one), you can visualize the parameters with curves or color. This is the case for the delta between temperature and dew point but also for the pressure. By doing that, you can easily visualize how those parameters are going to evolve in the next days

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