Premium subscribers will get premium support

  • @triggernometry I agree- weird choice of words, distracting even if unintentional.

  • Great app! Kudos from the Philippines!

  • Administrator

    Actually our support team consists of nice girls for now (Pera & Korina).

    We are honest company.

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    You know, the banner emblazoned across the top when you first enter the app that says “Premium Subscribers Will Get Premium Technical Support.” Many of us, including me, are already premium subscribers and one reason is so we won’t get hit with ads. It’s covering part of the map. Take it off please.

  • Administrator

    @rhess Hello, thank you for your feedback. This article is only to inform our Premium users about this new approach. it will not be on homepage permanently. Furthermore, articles disappear if you tap or move the map.

  • You suppose that money can make intelligence, what a strange thinking! What about other users who is not premium users who have ideas to share with you? Will their ideas become a second class ideas? What about other users who support the app in other ways like translating and recommending the app to others who may pay for your app in the future?

    This new post it is only represents a declaration of a new era of discrimination.

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    @Korina I agree, the banner needs to go. It’s fine if it’s there initially, but should disappear as soon as the article is read.

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    Yes, get rid of the banner now!!!! I don’t need to be told about this new “feature” every time I open up the app. It’s annoying.

  • Be very good It's useful for hiking and fishing.

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    Buenos dias, excelente producto, acabo de llegar a Premium y decir que estoy muy contento del producto. quisiera compoartir con ustedes una web publica que puede darles mas información en tiempo real de mi isla en la que vivo.

    Good morning, excellent product, I just arrived at Premium and said that I am very happy with the product. I would like to share with you a public website that can give you more information in real time about my island where I live.

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    @triggernometry I don’t “agree”.

    If they have all “girls” on their team, and all these women have identified as such, are fine with the language, and have likely participated in making this very announcement, you’re word-policing is just more unnecessary virtue signalling and attention-seeking SJW bs that most of us are sick of.

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    @ivo give your company’s “girls” kudos on being part of such a great, globally-beneficial app. I’m a Canadian forester in British Columbia that uses the app daily across multiple regions to plan my various transportation modes (boat, helicopter, float plane, etc.) at all elevations and altitudes.

    The graphical display is excellent for communicating plans and projections via imagery screenshots.

    Thanks to the whole team, regardless of gender! Ignore the social Justice warriors who always look to wave their flags in hopes of feeling validated on this amazing planet! 🤦🏻‍♂️😂🇨🇦

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    @Ahmed-A-AS Hello, ideas from all our users are valuable, Windy community will always be a place where to share your suggestion and ideas. And at the same time, we do think that Premium users should also get Premium support, which is only fair. I fail to see the discrimination aspects in it. :)

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    @winsett @auweatherwatcher Hi, yes, we are a team of 2 girls, so the expression in this article is used accurately. :)

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    @dmlh Hi, as mentioned above, the article won't be there permanently.

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    "Girls?" Do you have boys on your team? I love your site but not your attitude. I am not sure I want to give you my money. A girl

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    @sefarfan Yes, our team consists of women and men. What is wrong with "girl" expression?

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    @triggernometry @auweatherwatcher @emilyyyZzz They are girls and we call them so. We use such naming in common language. We do not have anonymous helpdesk, but we have Kori and Petra ...and unlike Alexa or Siri, they are real ;-)

  • Love it super

  • Moderator Mariners - Seafarers Sailor

    Just a note to our international Windy users (especially those from native english speaking countries) regarding the 'girls' wording in earlier posts:

    Please bear in mind that Windy was founded and is based in Prague, Czech Republic, and the Founder and most of the Team (and many of the Moderators as well) speak english as a second language, just like many of the Windy users here too.

    Therefore sometimes the small nuances of words and language used may not always carry the same weight or depth of meaning (either positive or negative) as they might do in other languages, cultures, or countries.

    As was mentioned, at this time the main support is indeed provided by two female Team members, @Korina and @petra-pik

    Thank you for your understanding and your support of Windy and the Windy Team :)

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